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About our team

We at 5CGroupEDU have experienced the internship search process first hand. Once upon our own time, we set out to find the right internship hosting program and left our homes in pursuit of the ideal internship experience that would have a huge career impact. We found the processes to be intricate and frustrating, and the internship hosting companies to be generalized rather than regionalized to sprawling economic localities. Not to mention the pricing and fee’s for such services tore a wider hall in our pockets, already gaping from the brunt of college loans. For this reason, it is our purpose and mission here at 5CGroupEDU to garner close rapports with respected companies in Hangzhou to allow for easy access to incoming interns at one of the most developed and economically thriving cities in all of China. Our easy and smooth step-by-step process, where we will always be involved and available to assist your entrance into China, creates less hassle without sacrificing affordability and quality of experience.


 Recognizing China

Once upon my own time, recognizing China was my preferred destination, I ambitiously set out to find the right internship placement program that would provide my vision of the ideal internship experience and have a huge career impact. I found the processes and resources of the program I used to be intricate and frustrating, and the internship hosting companies in general to be generalized rather than regionalized to sprawling economic localities in China. Not to mention the pricing and fees for such services tore a wider hole in my pockets, already gaping from the brunt of college loans, bills etc. For this reason, I have made it my mission here at 5CInternships to garner close rapports with respected, internationally-based companies in Hangzhou to allow for easy access to incoming interns in one of the most developed and economically thriving cities in all of China. Alongside my colleagues, whom also chose to intern in China, we relentlessly strive to offer an affordable, educationally and culturally stimulating, fun and exciting internship experience.

Looking forward to your arrival,

Geoff Becktell, USA


My China internship experience

My name is Daria. I am graduated from Jonkoping International Business School in Sweden. I’ve been searching for internship for a long time around the world. Finally, I found one in China, Hangzhou that was matching my professional goals and strivings.

I arrived in Hangzhou at the end of May. It was the onset of Asian summer, that’s why outside was a quite hot and humid. My company had reserved a hotel room for me, so I didn’t worry about where to stay the first days. Moreover, my company also helped me to find good accommodation with kitchen place, balcony area and a\c, nearby the office.

I used to work in a quite international environment. My colleagues were from USA , Holland, UK,  France and China , so it was a lot of fun. Also, there were some interesting projects and meeting with delegations from UK and Africa. When you are working with international team you have to find a compromise, try  listen more your colleagues and understand each other, at the same time you  have to come to the only one possible solution that suits everybody. Also, all of my new friends here came from different parts of the world that is quite impressive.

During my internship in the company I had several trips in the factories in the Zeijiang province which produces the wind power blades, e-bikes and e-bicycles, solar panels, LED lights and others environmental-friendly products. That was gave me additional knowledge and general understanding of the products and markets where these products are in demand and what are the potential markets for the unique and new invented eco-products. In the beginning of June our company participated in the Beijing Wind Fair that is a great chance to acquire more information about wind and solar market , build new networks, and reach new customers for our company.

Our team has been involved in the different projects and tasks, such as E-bike project in Nigeria, BYD- E-vehicles promotion for European market, Dairy project for Chinese market, Hangzhou internship project for undergraduate and graduate student from around the world. Thanks to these projects we are still  keep on working together . My China internship is the one of the best and unforgettable time in my professional experience and life!

Finally a few words about the location of the company. The Hangzhou area is one of the most scenic and picturesque province in China .If you have free time or weekends you can hike in the mountains,  to see  the ancient temples and national park . All the local sightseeing are close to downtown of Hangzhou. Moreover, the short trips to Ningbo, Shanghai and others cities are very convenient and fast, so you never be in idle ones you are here. Nightlife is also quite good. There are a lot of bars and clubs around downtown area, all the drinks and food for affordable price compare to Europe, USA and Canada.

Enjoy your internship in Hangzhou!!!






Latest News

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Nov 23, 2012


Nov 23, 2012

A pet dog walks under a special umbrella on the sidewalk of Taiping Bridge in downtown Hangzhou yesterday. This kind of umbrella can keep small dogs free from rain.

Nov 4, 2012

HANGZHOU'S top 10 industries generated a combined revenue of 245 billion yuan (US$38.9 billion) in the first three quarters of the year, rising 12.5 percent year-on-year.The revenue increase was 4.4 percentage points higher than the 8.1 percent GDP growth over the same period. E-commerce saw the biggest jump among all the top 10 industries with a rise of 49 percent to 16.4 billion yuan. Most of the other industries saw a healthy increase with the exception of the new energy industry, which saw a drop of 0.8 percent.

The top 10 industries of Hangzhou also include: equipment manufacturing, environment, biomedicine, Internet of Things, tourism, culture and creative industry, software and finance.

Featured Video

Project in Xiasha City: Jinsha Lake


HEDA and the New City of Xiasha

HEDA was established as a national development zone with reigning jurisdiction over what it is referred to as the new city of Xiasha. What had previously been an untouched wasteland of deserted beaches occupying the banks of the Qiantang River east of the main city, Xiasha has transformed with the welcoming of numerous investment projects, perpetuating it’s evolvement into a sprawling metropolis of infrastructure—complete with a dynamic industrial park, linked highway system, extensively-sized university population, numerous residential and accommodative complexes and commercialized establishments to sustain the immense growth.








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