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Exchange program

Join students from all over the world on the 5CGroupEDU website dedicated to helping you fulfill your study abroad dreams or get the internship experience .

Follow schools as they update their profiles on a day-to-day basis and connect directly with admissions offices who will help you decide if their school is the best fit for you!


Registration on the website allows students to:

• Make your profile visible to schools from all over the world, looking to recruit talented individuals, such as yourself
• Connect  with admissions offices and "experts" (current/former students) so you can ask the questions and find the info that's most important to you
• Be notified about schools that are scouting you out as well as scholarships that you qualify for

Institutions on 5cgroupEDU can:

  • Connect directly with prospective students and show what makes your campus, your programs and your location unique.
  • 5CGroupEDU allows you to create rapport with international students and target your recruiting efforts worldwide, while measuring your ROI with a tried and tested system that really works.



Latest News

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Nov 23, 2012


Nov 23, 2012

A pet dog walks under a special umbrella on the sidewalk of Taiping Bridge in downtown Hangzhou yesterday. This kind of umbrella can keep small dogs free from rain.

Nov 4, 2012

HANGZHOU'S top 10 industries generated a combined revenue of 245 billion yuan (US$38.9 billion) in the first three quarters of the year, rising 12.5 percent year-on-year.The revenue increase was 4.4 percentage points higher than the 8.1 percent GDP growth over the same period. E-commerce saw the biggest jump among all the top 10 industries with a rise of 49 percent to 16.4 billion yuan. Most of the other industries saw a healthy increase with the exception of the new energy industry, which saw a drop of 0.8 percent.

The top 10 industries of Hangzhou also include: equipment manufacturing, environment, biomedicine, Internet of Things, tourism, culture and creative industry, software and finance.

Featured Video

Project in Xiasha City: Jinsha Lake


HEDA and the New City of Xiasha

HEDA was established as a national development zone with reigning jurisdiction over what it is referred to as the new city of Xiasha. What had previously been an untouched wasteland of deserted beaches occupying the banks of the Qiantang River east of the main city, Xiasha has transformed with the welcoming of numerous investment projects, perpetuating it’s evolvement into a sprawling metropolis of infrastructure—complete with a dynamic industrial park, linked highway system, extensively-sized university population, numerous residential and accommodative complexes and commercialized establishments to sustain the immense growth.








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